ABOUT The Dance Company

Seattle dance company, Lunaria Dance Theatre, performs a fusion of cabaret dance theatre and belly dance, as well as traditional Egyptian style belly dance. Specializing in dynamic performances that may include wings, fans, sword or candle tray balancing, chair dancing and more. The dance company was founded in 2015 by Mellilah, the Artistic Director & Group Choreographer.

Lunaria Dance Theatre quickly morphed into a dance theater group rather than a straightforward belly dance company, after Mellilah found herself inspired by Jada's (Lunaria's first dance company member) longing to incorporate virgin burlesque into Lunaria shows. Mellilah had always dreamed of utilizing her extensive experience in theatre, the vocal arts, and music in a more meaningful way and so Lunaria Dance Theatre really took off!  Beginning as a three person dance company, it has since grown and now features seven company dancers, including Seattle's professional and award-winning belly dancers Alessandra, Amalia, Genevieve, Gevene, Jada, Mellilah, and Shannon.


Come see Lunaria Dance Theatre and Special Guests Mark Siano & La Gaviota perform in Oh, My GOLDness: A Cabaret on April 14, 2018. TICKETS now on sale.